Gender diversity has been high on the corporate agenda for a number of years now. With an increasing number of women making up the fabric of the corporate world, questions are being raised as to whether corporate travel programmes are designed to treat their male and female travellers equally or whether there is a trend towards a more personalised and tailored approach to these programmes. In 2016, research demonstrated that, generally, travellers were treated equably. Only less than 22% of those surveyed believed that women were treated less favourable than men, whereas over 70% of the study’s participants believed that travel suppliers should try harder to address the specific needs of female business travellers. That was two years ago. Have things progressed (or regressed) since then? FCM Travel Solutions may have our answer, courtesy of its first Big Business Travel Survey (which was carried out in the summer) to find out once and for all what the attitudes towards business travel amongst male and female travellers are.
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