The exhibition, which continues through February 28, features 10 textile artworks and is the first dedicated show to introduce both internationally regarded African artists to Southeast Asia. 

Featuring a chromatic seduction of tactile pieces by the duo, the pieces by Andrianomearisoa, whose works are architectural constructions of meticulously cutout fabrics in gradients of black and white, are displayed alongside those of Konate, whose immersive magical fabric squares bridge the world of spirit and senses. Combined, both artists address global issues through a rich symbolism of African colours, concepts and structure.

Andrianomearisoa engages his viewers through discovery. Rhythmic and compelling, his works are a result of his sensitivity toward material and human emotions, illustrating the pulses of life within a geographical space. The exhibition will feature 6 monochromatic pieces from his “Chanson de ma terre lointaine” series and are part of the artist’s meditation on Madagascar, depicting opposing forces, recording ambivalent movements of affirmation and negation whilst conveying a sense of fragility.

Regarded among the pioneers of modern African Art, Abdoulaye’s large textile pieces adopt appilique techniques to characterise the abstract and figurative. The choice medium of cotton, widely available in Mali, is his desire to express his art through elements closest to him. Abdoulaye’s presentation mimics the movement of capes by using layers of coloured ribbons. He combines the dyeing and colours of indigenous cotton tradition with his signature embroidery to reinterpret strong sociopolitical themes, a display of his commitment to universal harmony, an important concept in the African tradition.

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