Using Bold Colors

The fastest and easiest way to make an impression is with the help of colors. Colors can influence people’s decisions on a subconscious level better than anything else. Combine that with the fact that you can easily make a statement by coloring your exterior walls in a certain way, especially since it’s becoming more important to focus on the lifestyle with all the millennials that are looking to travel. This is why most hotels are done with uninspiring colors and are turning towards warmer tones. Bold colors are going to set your hotel apart from the competition, and standing out is something you definitely want as a hotelier.

Site-Integrated Hotels

One of the newer trends is to have your hotel built in a way to blend in with their immediate surroundings. These hotels are all about the location site, focusing on amazing views and providing memorable and unique experiences. Site integration is all about the sense of awe and leaving that first impression, which is why designers will always focus on finding the perfect location for a hotel and then create low impact structures in order for them to blend well with their surroundings. The guests that are most likely to visit hotels like these are millennials, as they’re the ones who are constantly searching for unique experiences.

    Green Hotels

    While eco-friendly hotels are certainly on the rise, the point we’re trying to make is that people are more and more deciding on the hotels that have a natural feel about them. Not only is the exterior of the hotel important, but the same goes for the interior, which is why most hoteliers are trying to add trees, grass, flowers, and bushes wherever they can. Planting natural features is one of the cheapest ways you can give more character to your hotel, while also making the stay more enjoyable guests. Investing in a beautiful garden is definitely the way to go right now, and you can even add features like premium retractable awnings to make it even better.

    Outdoor Lighting

    Just think about it, how many of your guests see your hotel for the first time when it’s dark? While it’s true that check-ins are reserved for the morning, most people that travel on business actually check-in in the evening, which is why you’ll want your hotel to look magnificent at night. Outdoor lighting can help you with that, but it will also help you differentiate yourself from the crowd and help your guests remember the hotel. Whether you’ll go for the Las Vegas style, or something more subtle – it’s up to you, just try to fit it with the exterior as much as possible.

    Unique Window Placement

    While there are many ways you can use to set your hotel apart from the rest, one of the most original ways is to do something interesting with your window placement. Symmetry is fine, as long as windows aren’t all in a line like on traditional buildings. Combine that with different window sizes and you’ll be able to achieve a creative pattern, one that’s going to make your hotel seem more interesting from the outside. You can combine the unique window placement with natural wood decking and you’ll be well on your way towards a greater hotel design.

    Bottom Line

    Hotel design isn’t all about offering thematic rooms or investing everything in a ravishing lobby. In fact, hotel exterior is more important when it comes to leaving a good first impression than anything else you might do with your design. There’s no easier way for making a statement then using outdoor elements to your advantage, so don’t be afraid to experiment, especially if you know what you’re trying to achieve. Today, we live in the age of technology and images, which has made us even more reliant on first impressions. Just think how many people every day are scrolling through their news feeds until something interesting pops out, something that will intrigue them. That’s what you should be aiming for with your hotel exterior and that’s why this guide can be a good starting point upon which you can build your style.

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