United Airlines’ longtime marketing slogan. Last August, United Airlines beat an Asian passenger, Dr David Dao, and hospitalised him because they needed his seat for another passenger. On Monday, the airline forced a passenger to put her puppy in an overhead bin, where it died. (File photo)

KANSAS CITY, Missouri: United Airlines claims it’s investigating what happened when it mistakenly flew a Kansas family’s dog to Japan.

News of the unplanned odyssey of Irgo, the dog’s name, comes as United admits another dog died after a flight attendant forced it to travel in an overhead bin on a Houston-to-New York flight.

KCTV of Kansas City reported that Kara Swindle and her two children flew from Oregon to Kansas City, Missouri, Tuesday on a United flight.

They went to a cargo facility to pick up 10-year-old Irgo, a German shepherd, but were instead given a Great Dane.

Swindle, of Wichita, Kansas, learned Irgo had been put on a flight to Japan, where the Great Dane was supposed to go.

Airline officials in Japan put Irgo on a flight back to Kansas City. It isn’t clear when the dog will arrive.

According to data from the US Department of Transportation (PDF file), as reported by the Huffington Post website, there were 24 deaths of pets aboard US flights last year – 18 on United.

Last year, United beat up one of their passengers badly and put him in the hospital for days because they wanted his seat for another passenger.

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