LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND, 3 May 2018 – Wade Co. SA, the Swiss-based publisher of The Hotel Yearbook, a family of annual compendiums of expert opinion and insights on the future of the hotel industry, announces the upcoming launch of The Hotel Yearbook 2022 – Technology in China, a new Special Edition focused exclusively on how the changing technology landscape will affect Chinese hospitality groups – and how Chinese technology providers will potentially affect the entire sector worldwide.

    “This publication is a first for us,” said Woody Wade, the founder and co-publisher of The Hotel Yearbook. “Not only are our many editorial contributors looking at the rapidly evolving tech landscape, but from the perspective of a single, huge market: China.”

    Taking on the joint role of Guest Editors-in-Chief are Frank Wolfe, CEO of Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP®), and Jing Zhu, CEO of China Hospitality Technology Alliance (CHTA). As Henri Roelings, co-publisher of The Hotel Yearbook, explains, “Frank and Jing bring a wealth of experience, insider knowledge, and vital connections to their role as editors. We are extremely fortunate to be able to count on two such knowledgeable experts to provide their insights and help shape the publication, making sure its content will be as valuable and practice-oriented as possible.”

    The publication’s launch will coincide with the biggest of HFTP®’s HITECs in 2018, HITEC Houston on 18-21 June. At CHTA’s major event, “Disruptive 2018-Connecting Travelers”, held in Shenzhen in May, a launch announcement will also be made.

    “Chinese travelers have nowadays become part of the mainstream of global tourism flows,” said CHTA’s Jing Zhu. “In an endeavor of connecting East and West, CHTA is honored to work with our strategic partners, the Hotel Yearbook and HFTP®, to release this very first special edition. It will present readers with a brand new angle on China’s travel and hospitality industry and show how it is making an impact on the global travel landscape – in particular from the perspectives of technology and business innovation.”

    Frank Wolfe of HFTP® added, “Our organization actively supports collaborations among the industry’s professionals so that ideas can build and innovations can continue. It’s crucial to bring great minds together, and that is exactly what this China-focused edition of The Hotel Yearbook does. We are proud to be involved in putting it together and helping assure a wide readership.”

    The editorial concept of all of the editions within The Hotel Yearbook family is to bring together senior travel and hospitality industry executives, recognized experts and thought leaders from every part of the industry to write about trends and innovation in the global travel and hospitality business. Underscoring its focus on innovation, The Hotel Yearbook 2022 – Technology in China includes a special section featuring a number of local travel and hospitality start-ups, each making use of different tech approaches to provide creative solutions to travel and hospitality challenges.

    The Hotel Yearbook 2022 – Technology in China will appear in English and Chinese within the same publication. A digital publication, it will be distributed to the extensive networks of HFTP® and CHTA, as well as Hsyndicate.

    “Technological changes will affect almost everything in the travel and hospitality space – and very quickly,” said Woody Wade, co-publisher. “That is why this new publication will be a must read for managers around the world with aspirations to understand the opportunities that Chinese technology companies are creating for the industry, not just in China itself but increasingly beyond her borders.”

    To submit articles for consideration in this yearbook edition contact us at [email protected].

    The Hotel Yearbook launches its first-ever bilingual edition, a look at travel and hospitality technology trends in China



    2018年5月3日,瑞士洛桑——總部位於瑞士的酒店年鑒出版商Wade&Co. SA宣布即將推出《酒店旅遊創新年鑒2022—中國特輯》。該年鑒彙集了專家們對酒店旅遊業未來發展的分析和預測,是專門針對中國酒店旅遊集團在不斷變化的技術環境中所受的影響,以及中國技術供應商將如何影響全球整個行業的特別版本。

    “這本刊物是史無前例的,”酒店年鑒的創始人兼聯合出版人Woody Wade評論道,“我們的專家不僅是着眼於當今快速發展的科技領域,而且是單獨針對中國這個巨大的市場來進行預測分析而撰寫的。”

    酒店業財務及科技專業人士協會(HFTP®)的首席執行官Frank Wolfe,和旅行者聯盟(CHTA)的首席執行官朱靜,均受邀為此次特輯的聯合主編。正如《酒店年鑒》的聯合出版人Henri Roelings所說:“Frank和朱靜的加入給我們帶來了豐富的經驗,行業情報和作為編輯角色的重要聯繫。我們非常幸運能夠聯合這兩位知識淵博的專家,聆聽他們的見解,並攜手塑造出版此次特輯,確保其內容儘可能的更有參考價值並且以實踐為主。“


    “中國遊客,現在已經成為全球旅遊業的重要組成部分。” 旅行者聯盟的朱靜評論道, “為了加強東西方的連接與交流,CHTA很榮幸能與我們的戰略合作夥伴 – 酒店年鑒和HFTP®合作發布這個第一個特別版年鑒。它將為讀者提供一個關於中國旅遊和酒店行業的全新視角,並分享中國將如何影響全球旅遊業—尤其是從科技和創新的角度出發。”

    酒店業財務及科技專業人士協會(HFTP®)的Frank Wolfe補充說:“我們的協會一直在積極地支持業內專業人士之間的合作,以便新的想法和創新能夠繼續延續。將有價值的想法集中在一起是至關重要的,這也正是這次中國版的酒店年鑒特輯所要做的。我們很自豪能夠參與其中,幫助確保更多的讀者可以受益其中。“



    “科學技術的革新會很快影響到旅遊和酒店業的方方面面。”共同發行人Woody Wade說,“這也是為什麼這本新的特輯將會成為世界各地管理人員的必讀書籍。他們渴望了解中國科技公司為這個行業所創造的產品和機會,而這些不僅僅是在中國可以推廣應用,也會有越來越多的跨國界的合作機會。”

    About HFTP

    Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP®) established in 1952, is an international, nonprofit association, headquartered in Austin, Texas, USA, with offices in Hong Kong, United Kingdom and the Netherlands. HFTP® is recognized as the spokes group for the finance and technology segments of the hospitality industry with members and stakeholders spanning across the globe. HFTP® uniquely understands the industry’s pressing issues and assists its stakeholders in finding solutions to their challenges more efficiently than any organization. It does this via its expert networks, research, certification programs, information resources and conferences/events such as HITEC. HFTP® also owns the world’s only hospitality-specific search engine,®.


    酒店業財務及科技專業人士協會(HFTP®)成立於1952年,是一家國際性非營利性組織,總部位於美國德克薩斯州奧斯汀市,在香港,英國和荷蘭均設有辦事處。 HFTP®被認為是酒店業財務和技術部門的代言人,其成員和利益相關方遍布全球。 HFTP®憑藉著對行業的深入了解,對於緊迫的問題,總是能協助其利益相關方比其他任何組織更有效地找到應對挑戰的解決方案。HFTP®通過其專家網絡、研究報告、認證計劃、信息資源和HITEC等會議和活動積極地幫助着行業的交流和發展。 HFTP®還擁有世界上獨一無二的、針對酒店旅遊業人士專用的搜索引擎菠蘿搜索®。

    About CHTA

    CHTA is a non-profit firm aiming to connect Chinese and Western communities from travel and hospitality technology perspectives, yet to promote the value of technology innovation and industry future leadership talents. CHTA is a vehicle through which Western technologies can be effectively deployed to properties in China, not only international chains but also local Chinese ones. CHTA consists of a group of leading hoteliers, developers and technology vendors and is strongly supported by numerous volunteers from both membership companies and non-membership individuals.


    CHTA (旅行者聯盟)立足中國,鏈接世界,是一家以顛覆式創新科技,引領未來旅行者的美好生活方式,積極驅動全球酒店及出行行業新物種的發展,並專註培養新一代創新領袖們的非營利機構。CHTA一方面助力國外領先的旅宿科技應用在中國落地,一方面幫助中國本土領先的旅宿業科技產品及解決方案被國際知名酒店管理集團所採納。 CHTA由領先的酒店經營者,開發商和技術供應商組成,並得到了來自會員和非會員的眾多志願者的大力支持。



    在此系列刊物中,無論是具有高度權威的年度版本,還是專註於科學技術、人才發展或數字化領域的專題特刊, 都囊括了酒店行業領導者的真知灼見,以及他們對酒店業未來發展的預測和分析。詳情請訪問。

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