“Working closely with top international hoteliers, we understand the importance of knowing what the future landscape of the hotel industry may hold. Without this critical information, it is nearly impossible for forward-thinking hoteliers to unrelentingly provide their guests with exceptional service,” said Artem Abramov, CEO and co-founder of MicroMetrics. “Throughout 2017, we noticed an industry gap in the amount of qualitative, hotelier-driven data predicting the upcoming trends. The Future of Hospitality 2018 Research Report is our first attempt at providing guest-centric operators with a channel to voice their opinions and learn from their peers to help deliver memorable guest experiences.”

    To gain a better understanding of what the future holds for the hospitality landscape, MicroMetrics has set up an online questionnaire, which should be completed by Wednesday, January 10th 2018.

    Hospitality professionals are encouraged to participate in this research as their experience and views will be a critical component of the Future of Hospitality 2018 Research Report. MicroMetrics would like to thank all respondents in advance for their feedback and insights.

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