Think your flashlight does the trick when camping? Try camping with a headlamp just once and the experience will be … illuminating. After all, even simple tasks such as lighting a match and chopping wood require two hands. While your precious Maglite may moonlight as a weapon against rampant bears, it’s far too cumbersome when you’re trying to cook a backcountry meal under a banner of stars.

Alas, not all headlamps are created equal. Like most camping gear, they become more durable and functional as their price tags rise. Fret not, however, as we’ve picked the best headlamps which represent what’s available at different price points, whether you’re looking for a low- or high-budget source of light.

However, there are a few things to consider before purchasing. Depending on how you intend to use your headlamp, factors such as weight, comfort, durability, beam distance, and regularity all play a major factor. Though manufacturing specs tend to exaggerate when it comes to said categories — ahem, lumen output — the headlamps below rarely disappoint.

Our pick

Ledlenser MH10

best headlamps ledlenser mh10

Why you should buy this headlamp? The MH10 is as well-rounded as they get for under $100.

Who it’s for? Individuals looking for a high-lumen output headlamp that won’t break the bank.

How much will it cost? $80

Why we chose the Ledlenser MH10:

The Ledlenser MH10 is the most versatile headlamp we’ve seen and is our pick as the best overall unit. The Adjustable Focus System enables quick single-handed lighting adjustments from spot to flood with a simple twist of the front bezel. Nowadays, most top of the line headlamps are rechargeable, however, unlike some models, the MH10’s 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery can reach an 80 percent charge in just four hours and a full charge in roughly six.

To prevent accidental battery drains during transport, the MH10 has a lock switch to keep it from powering on in a stuffed duffel. A built-in rear light isn’t necessary for all situations, however, cyclists will enjoy the added luminescence on evening rides. As anyone who’s ever slept overnight in a stuffy tent knows, the last thing you want while setting up a tent and bedding is excess heat coming from your headlamp. Thankfully, the MH10 has a temperature control system to keep the LED headlamp cool on your skull during use — even while emitting up to 600 lumens of light.

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Ledlenser L.L.Bean

The best lumen output

Petzl Ultra Rush Headlamp

best headlamps

Why you should buy this headlamp? This sleek unit lights up the night like no other.

Who it’s for? Anyone looking for more than 700 lumens of light in a sleek, rechargeable build.

How much will it cost? $295

Why we chose the Petzl Ultra Rush Headlamp:

The Petzl Ultra Rush is one of the best headlamps on the market, however, it’s also one of the pricier models. The powerful beam dishes out a whopping 760 lumens up to 560 feet. Unlike most headlamps, the Ultra Rush utilizes a “constant lighting” feature, meaning the beam doesn’t progressively fade towards the end of the battery life.

In fact, as the battery gets close to depleting, the Ultra Rush automatically switches to reserve lighting to maximize its remaining energy. The mixed beam has four power options to choose from, allowing greater flexibility for an array of tasks. Situationally, the full power 760 beams may be a bit unnecessary, therefore switching to a lower setting uses an ideal beam for the task at hand and also extends battery life. The rechargeable battery is also ergonomically mounted on the back of the headband.

The entire unit is IP67 graded, meaning the Ultra Rush is capable of being submerged in up to one meter of water for 30 minutes without damage. At nearly 300 dollars, the Petzl Ultra Rush is certainly not for everyone and at 1.6 pounds, it is on the bulkier side. However, if you’re in the market for a powerful, rugged headlamp, the Ultra Rush is hard to top.

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Petzl Amazon

The best design

Petzl NAO

petzl nao

Why you should buy this headlamp? This stylish unit is as comfortable as it is powerful.

Who it’s for? Individuals who want a versatile headlamp that won’t slide out of place — even during strenuous activities.

How much will it cost? $140

Why we chose the Petzl NAO:

The Petzl NAO is one of the pricier options on our roundup, and for good reason. Most headlamps often utilize a basic, elastic strap design. Unfortunately, after a few hours, these thick bands become quite uncomfortable and still somehow manage to slide out of place. The Petzl NAO uses an adjustable dual rope strap to more evenly displace the weight of the headlamp, while a slight taper of the top strap keeps the unit in place even during technical activities.

The headlamp features an array of handy features and a maximum brightness of up to 575 lumens. The Petzl NAO also has a lock function to prevent it from unintentionally turning on while stowed, along with two power options — Max and Max Autonomy — which result in a brighter output while extending battery life. When the beam does go out, you can recharge it via an integrated USB connector, allowing you to replenish the battery with an array of portable devices. As an added bonus, Petzl offers an optional belt kit, enabling individuals to move the rechargeable battery pack to their belt, further reducing its overall weight.

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The best intuitive lighting

Petzl – REACTIK+

petzl reactik

Why you should buy this headlamp? The intuitive lighting technology takes manual lighting adjustments out of the equation.

Who it’s for? Glampers and casual campers.

How much will it cost? $110

Why we chose the Petzl REACTIK+:

Headlamp tech is on the rise. Petzl, for instance, now outfits some of its high-end headlamps with a responsive technology that auto-adjusts the brightness of your headlamp based on what you’re looking at. This is particularly convenient when you’d like to leave your headlamp on high for prolonged periods and look at close-range things which may not require as much light — such as a map or nearby sign.

The feature helps save your battery life, too, and can be turned off in situations where other sources of light — i.e. a campfire or reflective snow — might hinder its performance. This intuitive technology, alongside 300 lumens of illumination, enables adventurers to simply activate their headlamp and let it do all the work.

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Amazon REI

The best budget

Coast FL11

Coast FL11

Why you should buy this headlamp? For under 20 bones, you’ll be hard-pressed to top Coast’s FL11.

Who it’s for? Anyone looking for a basic headlamp for a casual weekend outing.

How much will it cost? $18

Why we chose the Coast FL11:

We ran the Coast FL11 through the gauntlet earlier this year and this headlamp is our favorite budget option, hands down. While certain conditions and activities demand a more powerful beam, for most outings, the 130 lumens ought to fit the bill. The backside of the headlamp itself uses an adjustable hinge to pivot lighting as needed while on the trailhead or setting up camp. Unlike white light, the red light mode won’t cause your pupils to shrink, minimizing the amount of time it takes for your eyes to adjust to keep you from stumbling around the campsite.

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Amazon Coast

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