We’ve been monitoring voucher trends and clear patterns have emerged over the years – in November and December 2016, voucher sales demonstrated a clear start date, peak period and drop-off of sales which hoteliers should take note of. We’ve analysed our client data to shed light on how you too can run a successful voucher sale.

    In this article, you’ll find out exactly when voucher sales start to pick up momentum, which types of vouchers are most successful and how to promote them effectively.

    When Does Christmas Voucher Season Start?

    It’s worth having your vouchers on your website for the start of November however in 2016 there was a small spike in sales on November 25th, exactly one month before the big day, it could be that the date is a trigger to remind people to start Christmas shopping. It could also be a correlation with people being paid at the end of the month and deciding to purchase some Christmas gifts.

    The momentum really starts to build for the voucher sale season from the 12th of December.

    When Is The Peak Selling Point?

    This one really reflects badly on all of those last-minute Christmas shoppers, but luckily for them, a hotel voucher is a much more thoughtful gift than whatever they can lay their hands on in the local petrol station on Christmas Eve. That’s right, the peak day for voucher sales is unsurprising, the 24th of December!

    A substantial 9% of all sales made in December 2016 were made on the 24th, so if you’ve been underwhelmed with voucher sale performance so far, it could be a last-minute surge that sees the profit come in.

    When Should Hotels Expect Voucher Sales To Drop?

    Typically, our data shows that Christmas Day and the 26th December see a massive decline but there is still a fair amount of business to be done. Unbelievably, some people are even more last-minute than the Christmas Eve shoppers!

    As expected, following on from the 27th there is a gradual decline in sales until the end of the month.

    5 Tips For Promoting Your Voucher Sales

    • In preparation for Christmas, ramp up general marketing efforts to increase remarketing lists.
    • Get the vouchers ready to go live in November.
    • Use emotive imagery for your ads to tug at the viewer’s heartstrings.
    • Use an early purchase incentive to increase conversions throughout the season.
    • Remarketing and email marketing are the key to selling vouchers and will see the best ROI.


    Don’t delay in getting your festive vouchers on your site this year, it’s not too late, in fact, it’s right on time for the biggest surge in sales! If you promote them well, and at the right moments, you may just get all you wish for and more this Christmas!

    Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any tips to share with us about your voucher sales past and present. Good luck with having a successful and fulfilled festive season at your hotel and Merry Christmas to you all!

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