You’ll find 360-degree cameras everywhere today, but the apps that come with them aren’t always great at actually editing the footage they shoot. That’s where VeeR Editor from Velocious Technologies hopes to make a difference, by offering a third-party solution to streamline 360 editing on both iOS and Android devices. The free app could be the perfect compliment for mobile-focused 360 cams like the Samsung Gear 360 or the Rylo.

One of the big advantages VeeR Editor brings to the table is support for multiclip editing with transitions specifically designed for 360 content. This is often a major limiting factor of first-party apps. You can also set the initial perspective, so your viewers always start out looking in the right direction. Beyond those basics, you can add animated text and stickers in the 360-degree space and even apply Instagram-style filters in real time. The app also serves up a selection of music tracks and offers independent volume control over the music and the original audio in the video clip.

VeeR Editor screenshot

VeeR Editor screenshot

VeeR Editor screenshot

In December, VeeR Editor was updated with support for 360 photo editing, as well. In addition to the same tools for editing video, 360 photos benefit from decent manual exposure and color controls, with contrast and white balance adjustments and even a split toning tool. 360 photo hasn’t caught on quite as much as its video counterpart, but if that’s the sort of thing you’re into, VeeR Editor might be worth a look.

One current limitation of the app is that, for the most part, it can only handle 2K resolution, while many consumer 360 cams shoot in 4K today. For now, 4K is supported on some Samsung models, but Velocious says it is working on rolling out 4K support for other cameras. 360 video shows considerable benefits from higher resolution as all of those pixels need to be spread over a spherical area, so hopefully this update arrives soon.

Other than that, VeeR Editor seems to be generally well liked in both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. If you’ve been jonesing to put a smily face sticker on your dog, check it out.

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