Too many companies that we thought are here for good – such as Toy R Us or other large retail stores, may disappear because they didn’t anticipate the change and didn’t prepare new attractions to make people, physically arrive to their places.

    Hotels are no exception of the negative impact of new ecommerce platforms on customers new habits and decisions making – AIRBB.

    Here are some ideas to may help hotels gravitate people and be entertained and relaxed, in-house.


    There are four attractive factors that together, or independently, grab attention, generate activities, and new spending habits and encourage people to disconnect from their chairs and from addiction to their phones /computers:


    SENSUAL means, activating the senses together or separately in a joyful way.

    EXPERIENTIAL means, trying new things, and discovering new experiences. Having fun in solving challenging quests and enjoying the process.

    SERENITY  means deep sinking into calmness and letting go of stress by a 4R process: Relax, Reset the mind, recharge vitality, and Restart activities. Serenity is a full BodyMindSpirit experience

    INSPIRING means creative and Uplifting of thoughts, emotions, sensations and imagination.

    Whether Hotels are located- in large busy cities and /or in touristic historical areas, executive teams may find that by initiating and executing SESI activities, they added significant value to marketing, branding and sales.

    Let’s focus on this Idea:

    Serious And Playful Approach Of Creativity And Flexibility May Add Profit To Your Hotel | By Avigail Berg-panitz


    Have you heard of “Snoezelen”?

    It is a type of a multidisciplinary therapy originally founded in Holland for individuals with cognitive and developmental disabilities. Snoezelen spaces include therapeutic environment created for expressive purpose of delivering high levels of stimuli to patients with mental /emotional and physical disabilities.

    Take a journey into Snoezelen implementation around the world: Be impressed by variety of multisensory rooms.

    Multisensory rooms usually include:

    Sensory motor stimulation is a methodological way that uses the entire sense device to help a highly disabled person to discover his/her own body, therapist body and his/her possibilities.

    Tactile stimulation – teaching is the stimulation of touching through motor activity and through contact with oneself and others. One can, among other things, learn the difference between heat , cold ,light and deep pressure.

    Audit stimulation – teaching gets one through music and sound intonations.

    Visual stimulation – takes place through variety of light in intensity and color.

    Vestibular stimuli – teaching awareness of dynamic balance and how head and the rest of the body changes position. In addition, there is awareness to movement, muscle tone, touch, sounds and breathing.



    Enable: Exploration of new mental and physical triggers, Experience new possibilities of sensations creative capabilities, Expand perception and Empower individuals and groups of people?

    Image the following rooms:

    – Vision focused space which includes VR and Mix Reality, Video knowledge base educational content (travel, body encyclopedia, wellness know-how)

    – Sound intuitive body movement – music, instruments, dancing

    – Taste – a kitchen dining workshops

    – Aroma – explore herbs aroma workshop

    – Touch – touch different objects in darkness

    – Creative space – multidisciplinary activities of self and group expressions, expressive art

    The multi-sensory environment is meant to stimulate our senses: vision, hearing, smell, touch and taste, each one separately, and combined together with body movement. Having fun together and triggering curiosity and creativity may be a great added value to a new kind of experiential entertainment.

    NAP FLOOR and SilentSoundSpace

    Having nap centers in large cities is an answer to a necessity, and it’s not a trendy thing that will disappear. Why? Because people in the cities are more stressed, overwhelmed and suffer from fatigue and insomnia.


    It’s not a secret that from the moment we wake up, we automatically activate, our to-do-list. Each person with his / her own missions list. After marking a V on home and family responsibilities — “we shut that door” and “open the work door” in our minds.

    Yet things are not that simple as they seem. Some issues, or unsolved problems continue to flow into the desktop of our minds while we are at work (you know: children, romantic partner, parents, neighbors, mortgage and more and more….)

    While most of us, do try to focus, act professionally and in a project-oriented way, as the day goes by, mental, emotional and physical stress, and worries, drain our vitality, and cloud our bodymind.


    Lunch time is a MUST TIME to take that break in order to release tension and heavy burden of stress that was accumulated together with hunger. You have 45-60 minutes to eat, chat and take a walk, before getting back to work, work work work.

    Still, the second half of the day is not the same as the first one. That is why Nap Places started to pop up in large cities. Imagine you take a nap in a quiet environment, stretch your body on a nice comfortable mattress and just, let go…sounds great right?

    The break you need has to do with physical, emotional and mental stress. Each one of the components, fuels the other. If you don’t reduce each and every stress dimension daily, it may become chronic stress. Chronic stress may elevate other chronic conditions such as insomnia, anxiety and pain.

    Nap places are growing because of its real need, and they are developing in the right direction, yet there is a quality component to add if people really want to reduce stress and recharge vitality and that is -Vibroacoustic Therapy.

    What is Vibroacoustic Therapy

    Imagine you have an hour to escape, you may try a hotel nap center. It may be cozy with great calming and inviting atmosphere, yet your mind is still overwhelmed. Streams of chaotic thoughts, emotions, sensations, memories and imagination keep running in your head while you lie down.

    In order to relax, reset your mind, recharge vitality in a short period of time, you need a mechanism that will work on your body and mind simultaneously. Vibroacoustic mat or recliner, embeds special low sound transducers (speakers). An app of harmonic low sound frequencies streams one single harmonic composition of frequencies which are similar to the frequencies we all felt in our mother’s womb.
    The transducers convert the frequencies into gentle inner body massage. The process is very soothing as the gentle waves rinse and hug you from within.

    After a few minutes, even a controlling type A person or a skeptic, resisting one, will eventually let go, and sink into deep calmness. The gentle sonic waves oscillations, bring mental and physical systems into deep sensation of serenity and silence. Literally, this is meditation to the cells.
    After 15 minutes you may fall asleep or get into a self-hypnosis mental and physical state. The vibroacoustic therapy acts as a conductor of an orchestra where the body systems are similar to the instruments. Vibroacoustic therapy attunes and calibrate all body-mind part harmonically. It breaks the circuit of the overwhelmed mind, reduces mental, emotional and physical stress and recharges vitality.

    After 23 minutes, you feel a boost of energy and have a clear mind to restart your daily activities.

    Vibroacoustic therapy room may also be a great component to a Hotel SPA. This is a place where people shut down their phones and sink into harmonic sound of silence. From a business perspective, unlike tradition massage where you need a therapist to each individual session, in a Vibroacoustic therapy room you have one facilitator that is trained to guide several individuals to a hall with Vibro mats or recliners and in few minutes assist them to select and stream a single frequency and let him /her take a journey inward with harmonic sound bath.

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