“Beautiful Futures” takes over both the main gallery and project room in an ambitious installation that continues his interests in the spatial possibilities of painting, from bulbous surfaces to canvases that hang or scroll free of support. Here an experimental use of lighting allows for the exploration of newer physical and perceptual relationships to the artworks.

The exhibition brings a darker, sombre tone to his oeuvre. Many contemporary Thai artists are currently grappling with the impact of a continuing military government since the coup d’etat of 2014 and the passing of the revered King Bhumibol in 2016. Mit reflects the conflicts and ambiguities about how experience is to be assimilated. Facing unpredictable futures, recognition of the problems of the present and the forces of the past becomes paramount. “Beautiful Futures” immerses visitors in metaphoric questions of direction and guidance and also explores the seductions and illusions of surface as we pursue significance and insight.

H Gallery Bangkok is located at 201 Sathorn Soi 12 and is open daily except Tuesday from 10am to 6pm Call (085) 021 5508.


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