Surrounded by towering cliffs, turquoise lagoons with coral reefs, and Sumbanese houses with soaring 25-meter-high roofs, Cap Karoso, named for the Karoso beach on which its located, is a retreat where conscious travel, authenticity, and community unite. The resort, which opened last month, brings culinary excellence, contemporary Indonesian art, and modernist buildings together with traditionally styled pavilions, ikat woven textiles, and crafts made locally with age-old techniques. Everything from the spacious rooms and villas to the casual and fine-dining restaurants to the expansive onsite farm pays homage to the island of Sumba, albeit through a distinctly contemporary lens. Before they even started planning, Originals Fabrice and Evguenia Ivara sought local advice and hosted a ceremony for 600 islanders to receive ancestral blessing to open a hotel on Sumba—a southeastern Indonesian island where centuries-old tradition and heritage are carefully preserved. Here, many locals foll…
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