The opening ceremonies in both cities will be preceded by a talk by special guests. The exhibition shows a sense of the connections between past and present, how the search for a new vision of the city – a search that gained momentum in Japan half a century ago – has unfolded over time, and how those earlier efforts relate to today’s architecture and urban environments. The exhibition will provide an opportunity to reexamine the issue of urbanisation while grasping the current challenges and future directions of our ever-burgeoning cities in terms of specific relevance to each host location.

Taking as its point of departure the various experimental ideas on the city that flourished in Japan in the 1960s and using a combination of diverse media — from architectural scale models to photographs and slides, along with animations and other audio-visuals – the exhibition examines various circumstances of Japanese and other cities up to the present day, and identifies the distinctive aspects of those circumstances as they are manifested in present-day Tokyo.

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