Appointed Wellness Ambassador
At JW Marriott Hotels Resorts in BethesdaMD, United Kingdom

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Nora Tobin

JW Marriott Hotels Resorts today announced its partnership with Nora Tobin, naming the health and wellness leader as the brand’s Wellness Ambassador. This partnership stems from JW Marriott’s commitment to the guest passion of well-being, offering busy business and leisure travelers alike new ways to live healthy, fulfilling lives on the road. The collaboration introduces elevated and approachable ways to exercise both body and mind.

JW Marriott and Nora Tobin have designed a series of guest experiences rolling out throughout 2018. From on-property, guided fitness videos to immersive retreats to customized culinary programming, the extensive partnership is designed for the guest seeking an integrated luxury wellness experience tailored to their needs both in and out of the guest room, including:

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