New York City leads the US Project Pipeline

The top of this list should not come as a surprise. Up there one finds New York City, which is currently leading the country with 55 projects and 13,850 rooms. New York is easily the most glamorous and active market in the United States, and it’s not close. In many ways, the hotels in New York City long ago set the standards for the hospitality industry all across the rest of the country. So, it makes sense that it would be at the top of the list.

    What is a bit more surprising are the next two cities on the list, at least in an historical context. Nashville comes in second in the entire United States market with 38 projects and 8,027 rooms slated to come to that city soon. Driven by a legendary music scene, Nashville has become one of the fastest growing and most frequently visited cities in the country, and the rapid growth demonstrated by the TOPHOTELCONSTRUCTION database makes this clear.

    The third city on the list is also newer yet just as exciting as Nashville: Miami, Florida, which has 29 projects set to yield 8,582 rooms. Hospitality interest in Miami is strong on the backs of a couple factors: residents of the rest of the country who enjoy the glamor and the sun, as well as visitors from Latin America. Another city somewhat near Miami that appears on the list is Orlando, Florida, which is home to Walt Disney World and a number of other world-famous theme parks. That city is looking at 23 new hotel projects in the coming years that will yield it a total of 7,107 rooms.

    At fifth and sixth on the list are a pair of the larger cities in the US: Los Angeles at fifth with 22 projects and 5,672 rooms, and Chicago At Sixth with 22 projects for 5,087 rooms. The fact that these cities have now taken a backseat to Nashville in terms of hospitality growth says more about recent surges in popularity than anything. Where Chicago and LA have been popular for decades, Nashville is just now beginning to experience its own moment.

    Of all the countries that fall into the North American designation, the United States is, of course, leading the field with 1,144 total projects. The next closest country is Canada which has 44.

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