September marked the opening of the first MEININGER Hotel in Cologne, the MEININGER Hotel Cologne West. With this addition, the hotel chain now has a presence in nine German cities with a total of 15 hotels. Artistic design and a welcoming culture at MEININGER The design of the MEININGER Hotel Cologne West follows the theme “Art for everyone now,” aiming to inspire guests and stimulate conversation. The design is vibrant, varied, and slightly eccentric – just like the city of Cologne. After all, where else can guests be impressed by a cathedral over 600 years old, learn and drink Kölsch, celebrate Carnival, and find a thriving LGBTQI+ community? Such an open-minded city deserves a hotel where a welcoming culture is practiced. Therefore, for the first time in a MEININGER establishment, gender-neutral toilets have been introduced, promoting further inclusivity. Location and surroundings The hotel is situated in OVUM, a new urban complex in the Braunsfeld district of Cologne, which offer…
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