Appointed Senior Director Business Development, Italy
At Carlson Rezidor Group in Rome, Italy

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Mauro Vinci

Mauro Vinci joins the company as Senior Director Business Development, Italy, with the responsibility of leading Carlson Rezidor’s development and transaction activities in his native country.

Mauro Vinci began his career in managerial roles at Accenture, gaining experience in the financial and performance management department. After gaining a Master’s degree in Real Estate at the prestigious Italian financial school – SDA Bocconi Milano. In 2010, he joined the NH Hotel Group where he was promoted four times in six years and quickly progressed to the position of Development and Asset Director of the company’s Italian business unit. Mauro has managed the growth of NH in Italy in the last five years, adding ten new hotels to the company’s portfolio in key destinations, including Rome, Milan, Venice, and Taormina.

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