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ust when you thought you knew everything about traveling, something else comes onto the scene. Your favorite travel influencers are in a city you barely recognize, or a new app comes out that helps you score flights at a decent price. (It’s an entire industry within itself, and one that’s hard to keep track of a majority of the time.) Girl, I’m right there with you — scrolling through social media, trying to find the must-see spots around the world and some sweet accommodations. Let me tell you something that you likely don’t know: Life House Hotels’ social network is made for the millennial traveler, like me or you. Don’t sleep on this one (well, until you hit the hay at the hotel), because it’s another game-changer.

There isn’t a specific moment in time when millennials became obsessed with all things travel. But, it’s been a while now since hopping on planes and scoring passport stamps has become part of our culture. Most of your friends might be choosing to spend a semester abroad, or you’re saving up for trips instead of a house or brand new car.

    When all is said and done, this generation just has different priorities, and you want to bring your passions onto a global scale. You want to connect with solo travelers and have conversations with people from around the world. Where do you even begin? Well, tackling a few places on your bucket list is a good start, and then turn to your technology.

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