Koh Samet will actively encourage visitors not to use plastic bags from Thursday. (Post Today photo)

The tourist island of Koh Samet will on Thursday launch a campaign encouraging visitors to “say no” to plastic bags as part of a nationwide effort for a better environment.

The Khao Laemya and Koh Samet National Park are leading the way.  

“Starting on Nov 1, Koh Samet will discourage the use of plastic bags on the island,” the park announced on its Facebook page.

It is asking tourists to “say no” to plastic bags and use their own containers to carry their meals and snacks while on the island.

It is an environmental campaign. There are no penalties.

Koh Samet off the mainland in Rayong has 1,500 visitors a day and each use an average eight plastic bags.

The “Say No To Plastic” campaign hopes to tackle the problem of bags left on the island.

The activity is part of a project launched by the National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department to reduce the use of plastic bags and styrofoam food boxes in all 154 national parks.

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