“The new platform dramatically increases our existing lead in hospitality guest technology by enabling the rapid development and deployment of new features, integrations and interfaces based on the needs and requirements of our customers,” said Nandan Kalle, KEYPR’s VP of Product. “We have invested significant time working with our customers to create a platform optimized for their needs.”

    Hotel management, staff and their guests will experience significant improvements including ease of use across all touchpoints, as well as, consistent feature updates and enhancements. For example, the guest app experience includes overall improvements to dining and service requests functionality. Staff-facing features include enhanced work order escalations, service request targeting and common area tablets to support events and cross-property services. KEYPR’s new platform release also offers more customization options across all of the platform touchpoints including the guest app, in-room tablets, keyless entry andthe integrated dashboard (GEMS®), and paves the way for additional touchpoints for guests and staff. On the backend, KEYPR engineers will be able to roll out features in a faster, more efficient way.

    “One thing that sets us apart from the pack of one-off point solutions in hospitality, is our ability to complement existing hospitality ecosystems,” said KEYPR CEO Robert Stevenson. “The launch of our updated platform allows for a more robust experience for our hotel operators and guests, while enhancing KEYPR’s integrations with property management systems, room control vendors and content providers.”

    The new platform will generally enhance connectivity across the KEYPR ecosystem and simplifies integrations with other technology and content providers, such as iHeartMedia, which, along with dozens of others, already have apps available on the KEYPR platform.

    About KEYPR

    KEYPR® is a cloud-based guest experience and management platform for hotels, casinos and luxury residences. The platform delivers a friction-free personalized guest experience, while creating new operational efficiencies and driving additional revenue opportunities for property owners. Guests can access a directory of services, including dining, entertainment, third-party content and more through an in-room tablet and custom mobile app. The app also allows guests to bypass the front desk via KEYPR’s Keyless Entry. Additionally, owners and managers gain valuable insight through the integrated dashboard (GEMS®) and intuitive tools that provide visibility into guest needs before, during and after their stay – all while easily monitoring operational KPIs across multiple properties. For further information, visit:www.keypr.com.

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