A government-sponsored rally on Sunday featured ‘Death to America’ to mark the 39th anniversary of the seizure of the US Embassy, in Tehran. (Tasnim News Agency via Reuters)

DUBAI: Iranians chanting “Death to America” rallied on Sunday to mark both the anniversary of the seizure of the US Embassy during the 1979 Islamic Revolution and the imminent reimposition of US sanctions on Iran’s key oil sector.

Sweeping US sanctions on Iran’s energy and banking sectors go back into effect Monday, after US President Donald Trump’s decision in May to walk away from the six-nation deal with Iran that suspended them. The deadline is the culmination of a campaign by Trump’s team to drive companies out of Iran’s markets, and early indications are they can claim at least a partial victory.

Iran’s oil exports already have fallen by about a million barrels a day, and countries including India and South Korea are said to have reached agreements with the US to cut back purchases. Total SA, Boeing Co and Munich Re are among dozens of companies that have sworn off Iran’s market.

The American president’s goal is to inflict so much economic pain that Iran abandons its nuclear program permanently and also quits what his administration calls its “malign activity” in the region and beyond. He’s vowed to exploit the US financial system’s global reach to ensure other countries fall into line or risk being barred from the vastly bigger US economy.

Thousands of students in Sunday’s government-organised rally in the capital Tehran, broadcast live by state television, burned the Stars and Stripes, an effigy of Uncle Sam and pictures of President Donald Trump outside the leafy downtown compound that once housed the US mission.

Hardline students stormed the embassy on Nov 4, 1979, soon after the fall of the US-backed Shah, and 52 Americans were held hostage there for 444 days. The two countries have been enemies, on opposite sides of Middle East conflict, ever since.

Iranian state media said millions turned out for rallies in most cities and towns around the country, swearing allegiance to the clerical establishment and its hardline top authority, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The turnout figure could not be independently confirmed by Reuters.

Rallies replete with “Death to America” chants are staged on the embassy takeover anniversary every year. But US-Iranian rancour is especially strong this time round following Trump’s decision in May to withdraw the United States from world powers’ 2015 nuclear deal with Iran and reimpose sanctions on Tehran.

The deal brought about the lifting of most international financial and economic sanctions on Iran in return for Tehran curbing its disputed nuclear activity under UN surveillance.

Among events held on the embassy anniversary was a cartoon exhibit called “Donald Salman” – a reference to the close ties between the US president and King Salman, ruler of Iran’s arch-rival for regional predominance, Saudi Arabia.

“My cartoons are focused on three themes: the Zionist regime (Israel), Al Salman (Saudi royal family) and America’s government,” artist Masoud Shojaei Tabatabai told state television in Tehran.

“It’s black humour but the audience can also be brought to reflect on the contradictions in the behaviour of Trump and Al Saud,” he said, standing in front of a cartoon showing an old wheelchair-bound figure dressed like a comic-book superhero.

The restoration of US sanctions on Monday targeting Iran’s oil sales and banking sectors is part of a wider effort by Trump to force Tehran to halt its nuclear and ballistic missile programmes outright as well as support for proxy forces in conflicts across the Middle East.

The top commander of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards, Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari, said at the Tehran rally that Iran would resist and defeat a US “psychological war” and the return of US sanctions, meant to cripple the Islamic Republic’s oil exports and financial institutions.

“America has launched an economic and psychological war as a last resort … But America’s plots and its plans for sanctions will be defeated through continued resistance,” said Jafari.

In a speech on Saturday, Khamenei said Trump’s policies faced opposition around the world. “America’s goal has been to re-establish the domination it had (before 1979) but it has failed. America has been defeated by the Islamic Republic over the past 40 years,” he said.

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