Appointed Vice President of Client Strategy
At Avvio in London, United Kingdom

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Ian Sloan

Ian Sloan has been appointed as Avvio”s new Vice President of Client Strategy.He will work closely with hotel owners and managers, ensuring Avvio continues to develop and enhance its services in line with their future business plans and strategy, as well as industry trends and changes.Ian joined the hotel technology specialist at the start of this year, bringing 15 years” experience working for major global hotel brands.After working at Centrica, he joined the Hilton Hotels group as director of content management services in 2003.In 2009 he joined InterContine ntal Hotels Group (IHG) – the owners of Holiday Inn, InterContinental Hotels and more – where he moved from director of UK marketing and voice services to global director of content strategy.He later became a consultant for IHG, based in Atlanta, looking at how AI was likely to impact the hotel industry, with a focus on bots and conversational messaging.Ian joined Avvio after meeting Co-founder and CEO Frank Reeves last year, shortly after Avvio had launched the world”s first AI powered booking engine Allora.

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