GetMyFirstJob post thousands of hospitality and catering vacancies every year on our recruitment platform, with tens of thousands of applications. London and the North of England have typically the highest number of vacancies.

    We have recently analysed our data on over 370,000 young people interested in apprenticeships across the UK, and identified some key findings for the Hospitality and Catering Industry.

    Looking at candidate insight this year, we have over 3,000 young people in an active pool who have expressed a high interest in the industry, where talent shortages are likely to peak in 2020.

    We have also seen an increase in candidates interested in the Hospitality and Catering industry over the last 2 years. Yet only 7% of our vacancies are hospitality or catering related, offering an opportunity for those in the sector to reach more people. Of our vacancy pool within this sector the city of Manchester accounts for 10% alone.

    • You can search, shortlist contact over 60,000 registered candidates across the UK.
    • GetMyFirstJob has 360,000 detailed young candidate profiles.
    •, has over 100,000 visits and 17,000 job applications every month.
    • We gain circa 7,000 newly registered candidates every month.

    Download our free industry report below for more information on the most effective recruitment platform on the market.

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