Come up with a personalized approach to every individual customer

Making your customers feel special is one of the best ways to step up your business game, so be sure you come up with a personalized approach to every individual guest. And what does that really mean? Well, it means that you should collect detailed guest data before their stay so that you can come up with some attractive offers in advance. For example, a large number of bleisure travelers will want to explore the city once the business part of their stay is finished, so you can always offer some sightseeing tours or find an agency that will do it in your behalf. Besides that, you can also arrange some affordable spa treatments that include a couple of hours of finest massages, swimming in your hotel’s pool, and enjoying the sauna. Of course, there’s an option of providing tickets for different concerts and sports games, which is what a lot of your customers will definitely look forward to. Once you manage to properly tackle their wishes and desires, they’ll certainly be happy to stay at your property once again!

Attractive ‘bizcation’ packages are everything bleisure travelers want

More and more hotels are becoming bleisure-friendly nowadays, which basically means that they’re adjusting their services according to their customers’ needs. This is exactly why the majority of hotels started to work on specific packages targeted at their potential bleisure clients. A lot of these packages are advertised as the ultimate bleisure experience, and these include using the hotel’s private club lounge, as well as their jacuzzi and a swimming pool. Apart from these, many hotels also have specific areas where their guests can enjoy complimentary tea and coffee, gourmet breakfasts, and evening cocktails, which are undoubtedly a huge advantage – especially when it comes to business clients who want to explore leisure facilities at the same time. The aforementioned sightseeing tours are also a part of ‘bizcation’ packages in a large number of hotels, and these are particularly great for clients whose business trip will take three days or less so that they don’t waste too much time exploring the city by themselves.

    Make sure to offer luxurious accommodations – these are always worth the money

    When speaking of bleisure travelers’ preferences, we can’t emphasize enough the importance of luxurious accommodations, which are definitely gaining momentum when it comes to this branch of hotel management. A lot of bleisure travelers choose luxurious short term accommodation these days, as they often claim that their comfort and overall well-being are priceless – especially when talking about short business trips. These are usually quite hectic and sometimes very frustrating, as people have to run from one place to another due to their tight schedule, which is why they just want to relax and get some good night’s sleep when their meetings are finished. So, apart from comfortable queen-size beds, they often look for facilities that offer free WiFi and local calls, coffee machines, good air conditioning systems, big TVs, and sometimes fully equipped kitchens. Such rooms will undoubtedly fulfill everyone’s needs, and even the pickiest guests will be happy to stay in these, so be sure to take this option into consideration if you want to make your hotel more bleisure-friendly.

    Start marketing your hotel as conference-friendly

    Last but not least, there is another amazing strategy you should definitely think about, and it includes marketing your hotel as a conference-friendly facility. This is particularly important if you have a huge property that can accommodate several large groups of people at the same time. Besides that, you should also have a big conference hall within your property, so that your bleisure customers don’t have to spend a lot of time in traffic, trying to reach another facility where their business meeting, conference, or convention should take place. Of course, there’s always an option of designing some attractive pre-stay and post-stay offers, by providing amazing group rates two to three days before and after the event. You should know that a lot of bleisure travelers will gladly take advantage of such an offer, simply because, as already stated, they usually want to explore the city as well, which is why they’ll often arrive either a couple of days before the event, or stay a couple of days after it.

    There really are a lot of great ways to successfully make your hotel more inviting for bleisure travelers, and if that’s what you want to accomplish, just be sure to stick to our tips. Coming up with a personalized approach, as well as offering attractive ‘bizcation’ packages, luxurious accommodation, and conference halls are all extremely important, so take care of these four aspects and you’ll certainly accomplish your goal!

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