Hotels when opening their door initially tend to focus on the quality of their interior service. It is perfectly reasonable why they should do so. We don’t go to hotels to sleep outside, right? There is a point at which they should start focusing on their garden though – especially if they have a good location.

    Gardens are associated with common activities like rest, relaxation, potential dining for example. However, if you are going to have one and have it taken care of, you might as well think big. Gardens of hotels like Villa d’Este and Langham Huntington have amazing landscapes, demonstrating the impact and result of a well maintained garden.

    Reaching such levels isn’t easy – it requires commitment and dedication. Taking the right steps will get you there – I’ll talk about some below.

    Manage unwanted weeds and insects

    The best practice for securing your new garden from the pests that would like to eat it is via an attentive approach towards managing the cleanliness and health of your plants. That is only the first step towards a stable garden. One the soil is clean and free from insects, unnecessary herbs must be taken out of the ground in order to un-sap the soil for your plants. Chemical agents like herbicides and pesticides shouldn’t be used unless absolutely necessary. Such chemicals usually get the job done but can harm many of the factor vital for stable plant growth – use caution when using them.

    Depending on where you are the amount of pests lurking towards your garden will vary. Also, the climate in your area dictates the kinds of animals and plants that will become your adversary in the garden wars if you are to take your side firmly. Hotels at the equator probably have more insect problems than the ones located in very cold climates.

    Weeds on the other hand grow everywhere. Most return only stronger after mechanical trimming. Some grow very quickly if left unchecked and can depleted your vital plant of the necessary nutrients. Having someone check over the plants is essential in keeping these ones away. They can grow in a matter of days while becoming a presence solvable only by herbicides. Preventative medicine is the best one my friends.

    A quality investment minimizes risk

    If your garden is in destitute shape you are probably aware of the potential risk it poses to the security of your visitors and the potential legal ramifications it can carry if something of ill-faith was to happen within it. A similar thing can be said about a new garden that hasn’t taken an approach to safety in favor of cutting corners.

    For example, the cleanliness of your garden increases the security of everyone within it. An unnecessary trip on a surface with an untended spill can be a costly slip. A lot of these errors are done by outsourced workers, like cleaners and maids. For the best results find people of great trust and work exclusively with them if you cannot afford to have your own dedicated team.

    If your garden is going to be working during the night, good lighting is a must. If your hotel is blessed with harsher winds, scorching heat or precipitation of any sort, you will also have to prepare for such conditions. Electronic roof setups along with modern lighting are secure and stylish. I’ve solutions that don’t seem intrusive aesthetically while alleviating any risks – these at Aspect Shade seem like a good example.


    If you do this right your business will get rolling for sure. Quality landscaping is a magnet for visitors – it also generates returning visitors if it has that unique feel to it. Nothing is represented more as a feeling of belonging than a place where you can mentally relax and rejuvenate. Potentially even work on your mind and spirit.

    Try incorporating as much of the local flora already present as possible. Old trees for example give a vintage feel to a place, so by being eco-friendly you also score some beauty points. Regulations demand in some countries that you have to allocate a lot of space for additional parking spots, ramps and other tools that help people with disabilities. This is very important if you are starting the garden from scratch. Keep in mind that in addition to it being a stylistically appealing it has to be located in a way that it respects laws and regulation.

    The benefits of having such a landscape is the “wow” effect it will have on the visitors. Everyone will want to go to such a welcoming garden, allowing your business to reap the benefits of that congregation of people. Additionally, your hotel now has great marketing photos and an ambient worth pitching to the market, effectively boosting your entire business in terms of new visitors and regulars.

    These are just some of the aspect necessary when reaching a garden of a higher standard. There are numerous more that cover this topic, hopefully the benefits of these will motivate some to take more interest in outdoor care – good luck!

    Victoria Lim
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