Free mobiles phones at Hotel Opera Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

    Hotel Opera Zurich is one of the first hotels in Switzerland to offer free mobile phones in all rooms. The phones can be used in- and outside of the hotel and offer free internet access, free national and international calls. This service is particularly useful for international guests, including business travellers. Furthermore, they work as local guides by offering local insider tips. Due to a butler service button, devices provide information on services in the hotel such as restaurants. Furthermore, the hotel offers an online check-in via smartphone and laptop for their guests. Soon they will also guests will also be able to use their smartphones as their room keys.

    The Chinese hotels Hongqiao Jin Jiang Hotel in Shanghai, The Royal Garden in Kowloon, the Lan Kwai Fong Hotel in Hong Kong, The Singapore hotels Carlton Hotel Singapore, The Carlton City Hotel Singapore and Goodwood Park Hotel as well as the following French hotels also added smartphones to their rooms: In the Parisian hotels Kube Hotel Paris, 1K Paris and Villa Panthéon mobile devices are also free to use.

    Robots at Dorsett Shanghai, Shanghai, China

    They are fun, informative and interactive: Dorsett Shanghai has welcomed two high-tech additions into its hotel guest service team. The two robots are equipped with voice and touch screen and provide information on hotel facilities and the neighborhood. During They also entertain during event break time with song and dance performances.

    High-tech personal assistants at ACME Hotel, Chicago, United States

    A high-tech personal assistant waiting in the room? The ACME hotel Chicago fulfils the dream of tech-savvy guests. Upon check-in, guests find the voice-controlled Amazon Echo waiting in the room. Voice activated by “Alexa, Ask Acme,” the Amazon Echo provides intelligent personal assistance, including room service, information about the weather, traffic and ACME’s free morning coffee delivery, setting alarm, extra pillows, music via a Bluetooth connection and maintenance requests. ACME even offers more extra’s for the techy-inclined, like Hot-Spots To-Go, keyless entry into their room via a mobile key app, Snap Chat Spectacles and Apple watches that guests can check out for free.

    In-room tablets at Hotel Damier, Kortrijk, The Netherlands

    In every room, Hotel Damier offers tablets at their guests’ disposal. Guests can use them to call for room service, play games and access the weather channel. Hotel staff can directly send messages and push offers to their guests via the tablets.

    More hotels that offer tablets or iPad minis in each room are dana hotel and spa, Chicago, United States, FOUND:RE Phoenix, Phoenix, United States and The Woodlands Resort, The Woodlands, United States.

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