Hilton Pattaya Organizes Activities For Saving Environment at Khao Chi-On Non Hunting Area, Chonburi

Hilton Pattaya led by Mr. Rudolf Troestler, general manager, management team and volunteers joined the activities for conserving water, forest and environment by building dam at Khao Chi-On Non Hunting Area in Chonburi, planting trees at Wat Yanasangwararam Woramahawihan and also planting Yellow Star trees, considered as the symbolic tree of His Majesty King Rama X in front of Tourist Service Center.

Dam provides a range of benefits for environment and ecosystems including using as a barrier to slow water flow down, preventing bank erosion, storing water for dry season, improving soil quality and improving the ecosystem and the lives of animals around there.

“Small steps can make a big change to the environment and can save the world” – To support Hilton’s commitment in reducing environmental impact, Hilton Pattaya takes our concerns in encouraging Team Members to care for the environment through various activities including reducing the use of plastic, reducing energy consumption, improving resource efficiency and protecting the environment in local community.

For more corporate social responsibilities, please visit www.facebook.com/PattayaHilton/

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