This golden collection, which is associated with good fortune, is a perfect gift for the Chinese New Year, especially for this Year of the Dog.

Representing loyalty and honesty, this stunning Dog Crystal Creation displays 849 facets of golden crystal. The curved clear crystal base is inspired by the shape of the Huang Jade fans seen in Chinese art. The clear crystal base features the Swarovski logo and the Chinese character for dog. If all 12 signs are collected, the Crystal Creations will form a circle symbolising the endless cycle of life.

Bring luck into your life with the Money Tree, which evokes the shape of bonsai and pine trees. It features clouds of “coin” leaves hanging from the branches. The use of auspicious golden-coloured crystal adds an extra element of good fortune to the piece. Designed in collaboration with artists from the Beijing academy, it’s a wonderful showcase of Swarovski expertise.

Set a lucky tone in your home with the stunning Lucky Bamboo creation, representing fortuity and strength. It is crafted in golden crystal, an auspicious colour and placed on a clear crystal base.

To welcome the year of the dog, Swarovski also unveils the Little Dog collection. The brilliant and playful collection features the versatile Little Dog Pierced Earring Jackets which features cute Pointiage dogs in black and clear crystal. The earrings can be styled as simple studs or added as dangling elements to dial up the glamour. The Little Dog Pendant sparkles with Pointiage crystals, which showcase Swarovski artistry at its very best. Add a little fun to your look with these matching earrings and pendant to welcome the dog year in style.


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