Such an important event requires the corresponding preparation from the host country. To create the most comfortable conditions for the guests, the organizers are working on every little detail. Hotels will be one of the main places for the guests to stay for the period of the World Cup. Their guide will be a modern mobile application named DeskBell. This is a completely new service, the main task of which is to help the guests quickly and easily navigate in hotels and hostels.

    DeskBell provides the guest with all the information he needs for a comfortable stay at the hotel. The app will show you which restaurants and bars are located in the hotel, will display a menu with photos, descriptions and prices of dishes. What is more, DeskBell will provide guests with up-to-date information about the entertainment offered by this or that hotel and the schedule of upcoming events. With the help of the application, the guest always has access to the hotel map to find out the way to the place of interest, as well as to the phone numbers of all hotel services. It is also important that DeskBell service includes a chat where guests can communicate with each other, learn something, discuss and make new acquaintances.

    DeskBell will also be an irreplaceable assistant for the time of the World Cup because it works in several languages. This option will help both foreign guests who will be able to find out the information about their hotel in their native language, just installing the application on their smartphone, and hoteliers who will get the opportunity to describe all the services of their establishment detailed and brightly. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most important advantages of DeskBell during the World Championship, in which 32 teams from different countries will take part. Apparently, guests will be assisted by volunteers during the World Cup, however, it will be much more comfortable for the guests to feel right at home together with the mobile DeskBell application.

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