It is a great application for creating GIF banner ads. web buttons and headers, web graphics. It has all essential vector-based drawing tools and fully supports layer editing. Banner Maker (Pro) comes with 500+ banner 200+ web button templates, 5000+ preset symbols and many pre-designed gradient style for every designer. It also provides 60+ visual effects to build impressive animations or GIF banners with one click. Each drawing shape object can be made with drop shadow, glow, reflection, 3D bevel etc. visual effects.
• Edit web graphics with image painting tools and vector-based drawing tools.
• Provides 60+ effects to build animated attractive GIF banners with one click.
• Provides 500+ banner 200+ button pre-designed templates and 5000+ symbols and many preset gradient style, textures.
• Supports layer editing, and each object can be rendered with drop shadow, glow, reflection, 3d effects.

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