The report takes a closer look at the region’s hotel construction pipeline, in which there are currently 1,243 projects that stand to yield a grand total of 260,353 rooms. In addition to the United States, it also includes hotels that are coming soon to Canada, Mexico and sunny Caribbean countries such as Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and St. Lucia.

The Hottest Cities for Hotels in North America

One of the most interesting bits of information in the TOPHOTELPROJECTS construction report is the section that lists the countries with the most active hotel pipelines. While the top is somewhat easy to predict—the United States is out front with a whopping 1,026 projects in its pipeline, while Mexico is next with 71, and Canada is third with 46—the rest of the list is more informative.

    What’s interesting is that Cuba is fourth on the list, with 24 new hotel projects that will bring the Caribbean island 6,452 new rooms. This is of note, because there is some questions as to whether the island will remain open to tourism from the United States.

    In 2015, then-U.S. President Barack Obama opened the island up for business and tourism from the U.S., sparking a somewhat significant wave of investment after relations had been tense between the two countries for decades. When President Donald Trump was elected in November of 2016, however, the lifting of those restrictions came into question.

    Regardless of whether U.S. tourists will be returning to the island in mass, the hospitality industry there is moving forward.

    Elsewhere on the list, the Dominican Republic is fifth with 14 projects for 4,041 rooms, Costa Rica is sixth with 14 smaller projects for 2,519 rooms, St. Lucia is seventh with 8 projects for 1,709 rooms, Puerto Rico is eighth with 6 projects for 1,190 rooms, Jamaica is ninth with 5 projects for 5,754 rooms, and Bermuda is tenth with 4 projects for 321 rooms.

    The Hottest Cities for Hotel Development in North America

    All ten of the top cities for hotel development in North America are located in the United States, as one might guess from the massive lead the country has in terms of projects in its pipeline over the rest of the hemisphere.

    The biggest city in the United States—New York City—is first with 44 projects for 10,494 rooms. The second entry on the list, however, may come as a surprise to some. It’s Nashville, Tennessee, a market that in the coming years can expect 31 new projects to debut, yielding 6,811 rooms.

    Driven by massive civic growth and a tourism industry based around its thriving local music scene, Nashville has become one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States and a true hospitality industry success story. In fact, its placement at second on this list is quite telling, as the city landed in front of global destinations such as Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, Seattle and San Diego.

    Let’s take a look at a few projects currently underway North America:

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