The first thing any hotelier should pay attention to is the world’s largest travel website TripAdvisor. Having registered your hotel here, you will get free access to effective tools for business development. On the hotel page you can add its description, photos and showcase the hotel so that travelers can see how comfortable it is for them. In addition, you can see the reviews left by guests, be involved in discussions on behalf of the management and monitor measures of efficiency, analyzing the attractiveness of your hotel for travelers and success against competitors.

    Another service that is equally well-known in the hotel environment is the world leader in online hotel reservation, which helps to attract visitors and increase revenue. This is another area where the hotel can share about its service and show why it is profitable for a tourist to choose it. The service shows your accommodation facility to a large audience of travelers around the world all year round. At any time you can update your data, add the latest information or new photos. In addition, Booking will advertise your place in the search engines around the world and promote it on the sites of major airlines. That is a kind of intermediary between the tourist and the hotel.

    Another detail that deserves attention is the installation of automatic telephone exchanges (ATS). Despite the development of online services, the phone is still one of the main communication channels for any business, including hotels. Nowadays, communication can be organized not only on the basis of simple automatic telephone exchanges. Today, the market offers a wide variety of made solutions of a virtual automatic telephone exchange. It almost does not differ from the usual automatic telephone exchange, only it is located in the “cloud”, i.e. all infrastructure and software for making phone calls belong to the network of the telecom operator. Pros for the hotel are obvious: the setting up and maintenance of the equipment in accordance with the needs of a particular hotel is carried out by the company’s operator specialists, which ensures minimum service implementation times and ease of operation.

    Call Tracking is a system of working with the client flow, which allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising channels and, if necessary, redistribute the money in favor of running advertising. In addition, the system will identify which keywords work, and which do not, provide information for managing bids in contextual advertising and adjusting requests for search engine promotion. The optimization of the advertising campaign will be the result of using Call Tracking.

    The new DeskBell service is the next attribute of your hotel’s digital strategy, the main purpose of which is to describe in detail all the services of the hotel where the guest is located and make his stay as comfortable as possible. The manager or someone from the staff only needs to enter information and upload beautiful photos. Then, the application will work for you. Having installed DeskBell, the guest will feel more confident, which means that they will be more active in using the services that are provided. Being in the lobby of the hotel or just entering the room, he will be able to find out about the menu the restaurants and bars of the hotel offer and what entertainment will be held in the hotel soon. What’s more, the guest will have an opportunity to open the map of the hotel and easily find, for example, a pool or a tennis court. In addition, in the application, the guest will be able to find out the telephone numbers of all the hotel’s services, as well as to join a chat room and contact other guests or the staff of the hotel. Thus, DeskBell will become an indispensable guide for your guests, as well as a useful assistant for employees.

    Messengers are one of the most promising mobile applications for communicating with customers and that is why its support service is important. Messengers are the most efficient way of communicating with customers, and therefore the communication here exceeds the capabilities of online consultants on the site. In addition, many people now would better send a message and instantly find out all the information than call the hotel. Using messengers, guests can check availability and reserve a room or ask a question.

    An important element in building a hotel strategy based on the use of digital tools is social network. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Google + are the most popular social networks in the world. The hotel is able to advertise its services and talk about itself, being closer to potential customers simply by having a page in one of those social networks.

    These are just some elements of the digital strategy of your hotel. The use and implementation of data and other digital tools increases the quality of service, makes the hotel more competitive and improves its image. But do not forget that any innovation should not just be implemented, but well-integrated into the overall concept, that is unique for each hotel.

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