The first 25hours hotel in Italy will open on 8 September 2021. The 25hours Hotel Piazza San Paolino occupies a central location in the Santa Maria Novella district at the heart of Florence. This is among the most authentic and lesser-known neighbourhoods in the Italian city and a little off the beaten track. Just a stroll away from the train station, at the back of the Museo del Novecento, the 25hours Hotel San Paolino fills an entire block between the elegant Via de Fossi with its numerous antique shops and the popular Via Palazzuolo, connecting two neighbourhoods that have been largely insular until now. The 25hours Hotel San Paolino is situated in the former premises of Monte de ‘Pegni – the lending company of the Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze – and has its central core of 66 rooms in the original monastery next to the eponymous church of San Paolino. These hallowed halls are now imbued with fresh creative energy thanks to controlled demolitions, new building elements and restored…
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