Hot on the heels of Amsterdam and Rotterdam, CityHub’s third location will be in one of the healthiest and happiest cities in Europe CityHub Copenhagen will open its doors in summer 2020 Copenhagen opening will mark CityHub’s first step towards international expansion Launched four years ago in Amsterdam, CityHub was created to fulfill the gap between hotels and hostels. Founders Pieter van Tilburg and Sem Schuurkes, two assiduous travellers themselves, recognised that the hotel industry was lacking satisfactory solutions for millennials who are looking for an accessible and authentic experience at the heart of a city. Lauded for its digital-first stance and futuristic aesthetic, CityHub replaces the traditional hotel room with sleek Hubs, allowing travellers to curate and own their stay inside and out and delivering unforgettable city breaks. A dedicated team of ‘CityHosts’ are at hand 24/7 to ensure guests make the most of the CityHub facilities, and to help them navigate the city. …
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