Huawei pushes back on reports of government ties, claims employee ownership


Huawei’s controversial status in North America and Europe stems from a lot of different factors. At the heart of most of them, however, is the hardware maker’s alleged ties to the Chinese government. The notion of government control has been enough to…

‘Highly Critical’ Unpatched Zero-Day Flaw Discovered In Oracle WebLogic


A team of cybersecurity researchers today published a post warning enterprises of an unpatched, highly critical zero-day vulnerability in Oracle WebLogic server application that some attackers might have already started exploiting in the wild. Oracle WebLogic is a scalable, Java-based multi-tier enterprise…

Are women better gamers than men? This startup’s AI-driven research says yes


Last year the startup, which has developed an AI assistant to help gamers play smarter and improve their skills, raised $1.9M. Using machine learning, it analyzes their matches and makes personal recommendations, and allows the gamer to be taught by a…

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