The Red Cross Fair is moving from Amporn Gardens to Lumpini Park this year and City Hall is concerned that big crowds will trample ‘their’ grass. (File photo)

Plans to relocate the Red Cross Fair to Lumpini Park at the end of the year have prompted City Hall to draft strict regulations to prevent the green area being damaged by the thousands of people expected to attend the event.

It will be the first time the park plays host to the annual event, which has been held in Amporn Gardens near the Royal Plaza since 1957.

While welcoming the planned 10-day fair, organised by the Thai Red Cross Society, in the park, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) wants to ensure all activities during the period are conducted in an orderly manner, said Chatri Watthanakhechon, head of the city’s Environment Department, which oversees public parks.

All regulations, ranging from a to-do list to opening hours and ticket prices, were discussed Monday at a meeting chaired by Bangkok governor Bangkok governor Aswin Kwanmuang.

This year’s fair, which begins on Nov 22, will not charge entrance fees, Mr Chatri said, adding all people will be free to visit stalls and enjoy entertainment events, including the fair’s famous soi dao, a type of lucky draw, from 10.30am to 10pm.

He said the opening hours will be rigidly enforced.

After the park closes, stall holders will be given until midnight to clear away their stalls. The park must be clean for people who regularly use it for exercising in the mornings, Mr Chatri said.

Officials will also work with volunteers to educate stall holders and other people to separate garbage for recycling. Bins will be in 30 locations across seven zones at the fair.

Other regulations concern trying to make the park a smoke, alcohol and car free place during the event.

Use of cooking gas is also prohibited.

Those organising activities must also be aware of noise levels. They cannot cause noise above an acceptable standard, Mr Chatri added.

“The Pollution Control Department will be asked to set a noise level for this event to make sure noise pollution will be kept to a minimum,” the department chief said.

To prevent damage to the park itself, all temporary facilities must be located, erected and dismantled carefully. Officials will not allow the hammering of nails into trees.

City Hall will conduct frequent inspections to make sure the rules are followed.

“If damage is found, the organisers must be responsible for repairs and rehabilitation,” Mr Chatri said.

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