The Blue Ocean Aquarium animated wallpapers and screen savers features Crystal Clear Blue Ocean with abundance of live colorful fish, including Yellow Tang, Purple Tang, Rock fish, Powder Blue Tang, Blue Tang, Achilles Tang, Sea Horses, Sea Dragons, Black-White Clown, yellow- Clown, Star fish, Bright yellow Butterfly fish, Black-White stripe Butterflies fish, Green Polyp, Queen Angel, Fire-Queen Angel, Grey-Striped Angel, Emperor Angel, Fire Shrimp, Sea Crabs, Sea Horses, Anemone, undersea volcano.
You will be able to display these magnificent creatures in the maintenance-free and feeding-free mini ocean with colorful coral reefs exhibit right on your desktop. It is an under tropical ocean paradise that you don’t have to scuba dive to enjoy, but with this animated wallpaper you can enjoy the treasure of the ocean right on your desktop with crashing sounds of the of ocean’s wave anytime.

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