The idea with At Six Stockholm was to create Scandinavia’s best contemporary luxury hotel, within the setting of a former bank designed in the Brutalist style, something which already lends a fierce character to the hotel. Universal Design Studio and At Six took on the building, which was derelict, but they knew from the facade and the scale of the building that it would be an ideal canvas on which to create a modern hotel, giving new life to the ailing structure. The design team immediately saw the potential of the interior of the building, which offered the opportunity to juxtapose its monolithic strength with beauty and softness to create a new identity for this concrete beast.

    Conceptually, the hotel is treated with equal amounts of power and finesse. The materials are bold and strong, with the architects using metals, stone and concrete to complement the existing structure, but the detailing is delicately managed, creating an elegance that can be observed throughout.

    The main feature of the hotel is an impressive sweeping staircase that leads the visitor from the ground floor up to the common areas on the first floor. The staircase is austere but sublime, with fine concrete panelling lining the walls that meet the marble treads. At Six Stockholm boasts one of the country’s finest hotel art collections, which was curated by Sune Nordgren, Founding Director of the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in Oslo, Norway. The 343-key hotel merges old with new to create an architectural gem that not only enhances the guest experience, but also gives a declining building a second chance at life.

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