American tourists splash water on an elephant at a tourist park in Chiang Mai. (Bangkok Post File Photo)

US tourists led visitors from other countries in terms of happiness during their visits to Thailand, according to an opinion survey.

Super Poll said the conclusion was based on a survey of 831 people, 52.3% of whom were visitors from abroad, conducted from Nov 1 to Dec 8 this year.

Asked to rate their happiness during their visit on a scale of 1-10, the overall score was 7.62 or “quite happy”.

By nationality, Americans gave the country the highest happiness score of 7.68, followed by Europeans (7.60), Chinese (7.41) and visitors from Asean (7.24).

Asked what they liked most about Thailand, a majority chose tourist attractions (82.8%), nature and the environment (79.7%), food safety (79.1%), economic growth (77.5%), quality of utilities and infrastructure such as airports, mass transit and mobile networks (77.2%).

The pollsters also asked people to rate their happiness with the political situation under the Prayut Chan-o-cha government. The responses from tourists averaged 5.32 compared with 4.55 for Thais.  

Among the surveyed tourists,52.3% were visiting the country on vacation, 46.8% for travel, 13.1% to visit friends, 11.1% to attend exhibitions or trade-related activities, 8.9% to attend seminars, 8.1% to visit relatives and 10.5% for other purposes.

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