In business environment, the Forum is defined as the only regional conference that global hotel professionals monitor. For this reason, the next AHF edition is related to the geopolitical situation in Europe and the main questions: Are we managing growth or is it “happening” to us? And are we competitive?

    Day 1: Wednesday 14th February 2018

    09.00 Official opening of Adria Hotel Forum 2018

    09.30 Economic outlook

    09.45 Mediterranean and European outlook in 5 years time

    10.15 Croatia investment possibilities

    10.27 Montenegro investment possibilities

    10.35 Hotel Investment Attractiveness Index for the region and look into investors’ strategies

    The full programme you can check here.

    Until now AHF has gathered more than 1500 attendees, 200 panelists, 90 round-table discussion sand presentations, and more than 140 partners.

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