The exhibition, which continues through May 29, aims to encourage guests to see the destination through the eyes of Suwatchai, who captures the beauty and grandeur of the ancient Ayutthaya Kingdom in his paintings and sculptures, while also expressing his awe for the rich heritage of the location. 

“Our boutique brand is very reflective of the destinations in which each hotel operates, providing insights into Thai culture and heritage for both domestic and global travellers. Over the next few months we are rolling out a series of art programmes to inspire our guests to delve deeper into each locale,” said Nicolas Reschke, group director of business development of Sala Hospitality. 

A number of the paintings depict Wat Phutthaisawan, one of the film locations for the hit Thai drama series Buppaesanniwas (Love Destiny). 

“Portraying Ayutthaya is a compilation of scenic paintings that express my sentiments of the old capital of Siam. The remnants of the exquisite period art of temples and various architectures are a reflection of civilisation and wisdom of our ancestors that are no less impressive than any other nations in the world,” said Suwatchai. 

The artist has received numerous awards for his traditional Thai paintings, and his work has been showcased in solo exhibitions at Central Airport Chiang Mai and The National Gallery Bangkok. 

Over the years he has also been engaged for noteworthy projects, including a work of art presented to Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn and the creation of Buddhist art dedicated to Wat Phawana Ram in Samut Prakan Province. 

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