Horwath HTL, for those who are not familiar, is a hotel, tourism and leisure consultancy with a 100-year heritage, 45 offices spread throughout 39 countries and major world cities, and more than 250 collaborating experts worldwide. Horwath works to give the hospitality industry much-needed impartial advice from some of the best specialists in the market, with topics of advisement that include planning and development, hotel asset management, legal advice, feasibility studies, and due diligence and transaction, among others.

    This report given at the recent TOPHOTELWORLDTOUR event about the Swiss hotel investment market and later the German market was, as one would expect, incredibly useful. During this presentation, Wehrle and Ott-Sessay noted that individual hotel transactions in Switzerland were quite strong, and that portfolio transactions, which are much less common in any region, had begun to be a part of the investment market in that country. For example, in 2017, the country saw 17 individual transactions and 1 portfolio, after 2016 set a high for both with 19 individual transactions and 3 portfolio.

    The presentation also dove into the specific numbers that those transactions were comprised of, showing the average size and total rooms of the properties involved, both of which peaked in 2015 with more than 120 for the average size and 1,857 for the total number of rooms in that year.

    Another useful quality of the presentation was the glimpses into the future of the Swiss hotel investment market that it also provided, with the two experts providing information about the chain hotels landscape, chain hotels supply trends, and chain hotel markets, among other topics. They then extended this forecasting to look at demand trends as well, which was looking quite rosy for the Swiss region.

    In terms of the D-A-CH region, Germany has been on a distinctly upward growth trajectory for its hospitality industry in recent years, which the presentation was able to display through the volume of hotel transactions alone, which in 2016 was more than 5 times higher than it was in 2010. Future trends noted by the presentation included growth slowing a bit, less portfolio investments, and foreign share of investors dropping from its current level of 60 percent to a more modest 50 percent. Like Switzerland, Germany has also seen a significant increase in branded chain hotels in recent years, with 2016 seeing the addition of 115 such branded hotels, including 11 brands that previously did not have a presence in the country whatsoever.

    The final portion of the presentation looked at Austria as well as the rest of Europe, which are also currently in growth mode, with the serviced apartment market appearing to be especially dynamic and healthy.

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