Wiharso is particularly known for his large-scale paintings, wall sculptures and installations. His work obstinately concentrates on his own personal experiences and culture, focusing on national identity, migration, race, political states and power conflicts.

The artist’s recent works have continued to explore themes related to migration, the Indonesian diaspora, the settlement of land, the power of ownership and the idea of belonging, through the lens of family and history.

He looks at the land and seas as a site of history and trade: the personal reasons and motivating factors that shape social systems, and the interconnections, philosophy and conflicts that still impact us today. How are the histories of migration, ecology and culture contained in our ideas and actions today? The tableaux of the family reflects a timeline of events unfolding over generations and is a narrative about cross-cultural love and compromise, examining how external pressures and expectations unfold within private relationships.

The gallery is on the 3rd floor of the Peninsula Plaza, Rajdamri Road and the exhibition continues through February 25,

Find out more at www.TangContemporary.com or call (02) 254 2384.

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