BofA Strategist: There's more room to run in this rally

If you’re worried about the market’s record run coming to an end, one Bank of America strategist says fear not— because there’s a strong technical case for a rally through 2018.

According to Stephen Suttmeier, chief equity technical strategist at Bank of America, the advance-decline line of the SP 500 Index has broken out in the last month, and points to more gains ahead.

The advance-decline line essentially tracks the moves of the 15-most heavily traded stocks by share volume. Based on Suttmeier’s chart work, a breakout of the line shows that the most-traded stocks in the market are seeing a large number of buyers.

“The bottom line is this: it’s a big money indicator, and last year this big money indicator didn’t confirm the rally until it broke out in December of 2017,” Suttmeier explained to CNBC’s “Futures Now” in an interview last week.

In other words, Suttmeier believes that the technicals are now lining up with the market’s record run.

As a result, the strategist believes that while you can stick with some winning sectors like tech, investors can also start to rotate into other more cyclical sectors. This includes financials — which Suttmeier emphasizes that he is “very bullish” on — as well as industrial and material names.

All three market indices hit record intra-day highs once again on Friday, with the SP on track for its biggest monthly gain since March 2016.

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One chart is signaling more record highs ahead for stocks: BofA strategist

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  • BofA Strategist: There's more room to run in this rally

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  • One chart is signaling more record highs ahead for stocks: BofA strategist

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