In order to make the most out of a hotel, the management needs to take into consideration the resources it has at its disposal and create a team that’s based on the needs of your guests and customers.

Find the best people

Every company is only as good as its employees, but this is especially true for the hotel industry. Almost everything that’s done in this line of work is oriented towards the guests and clients and, therefore, each employee is there to represent the company in the best possible light.

    This, in turn, means that an HR team behind a hotel needs to work on finding the best employees at all times. It’s a mistake to wait for an opening before hiring. Lists of talented and potential employees are probably the most important asset a hotel can have and they should be updated regularly.

    Distribution channels

    Hospitality-related businesses can’t work on their own because they offer too wide a service. They are dependent on numerous other companies and, therefore, on the channels between them. It’s imperative to always have the supplies that you need and the access to the professionals that are needed to run the business smoothly and effortlessly.

    It should also be noted that every long-term relationship that a hotel forms also means that the business is dependent on another external company. This can be troubling because it’s essentially giving a lot of control to another business.


    Accounting is probably one of the most important concerns for any company. It makes sure that a business is compliant with the laws and rules, but still helps it use most of its resources toward the goals of expansion and growth. The main issue a business manager needs to solve right away is whether to use a general purpose accounting company or one that’s specialized in the hospitality industry.

    It’s probably best to rely on hospitality accounting specifically because those professionals know the details of the industry and can provide a more comprehensive service, as well as a more lucrative one.

    Embrace the modern technology

    Automation, social networks, and mobile devices are the three most talked about topics in the hospitality industry. The changes in technology are disturbing the industry and acting as an equalizer between smaller hotels and bigger ones. A successful hospitality business should embrace these changes and use them as much as possible.

    The first area in which the modern technology will have the most impact is the customer service. That’s one of the most important features of a hospitality business and it gets noticed the most, by the guests themselves. Using mobile apps and metadata info to make the stay more convenient to each guest can get you a long way.

    Focus on the feedback

    Customers are usually the best judges of how a business is doing. It’s imperative to stay on top of the complaints and the feedback that come from the customers themselves. That way, a business shows that it cares about the customers and that it’s willing to adapt to them.

    It isn’t enough to rely on sites such as Yelp that are designed for this purpose. Every hotel should have their channels of feedback in order to get a more detailed response and be able to act on it.

    Expanding the services

    A hotel business needs to expand the services it offers on a regular basis in order to stay competitive and engaging for its guests. This can be a problem for smaller businesses that can’t afford to add new features and, therefore, new employees to its offer, but such expansions should be a part of the plan from day one.

    A modern hospitality company should try to provide services suited to all kinds of tourists, from those that are looking forward to learning about the history and the culture of the place they are visiting to those looking for an adventure and an active holiday.

    Hospitality management is an interesting and expanding field. It’s going to change and adapt in order to accommodate the changes in this market brought about by more competitors and more demanding guests.

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