McLaren Speedtail revealed with 403kph top speed

Latest hypercar receives 1,050hp hybrid, clever aerodynamics and full customisation possibilities.

Is this the successor to the legendary F1?

Welcome to the McLaren Speedtail, the spiritual successor to the F1 of the 1990s and the third model in the brand’s Ultimate Series following the P1 and Senna.

Previously known by the codename of BP23, the Speedtail is an aero-efficient hypercar built purely for normal use on the road. McLaren bills it as a “hyper-GT”.

Like in the F1, the 5.2m-long Speedtail has a three-seat layout whereby the driver sits in the middle behind three digital screens. There are no sun-visors as the upper part of the windscreen can automatically darken.

Only 106 units will be made with all already sold out at a price of 73 million baht apiece in the UK. Bring that over to Thai shores with taxes paid in full and the price trebles.

Tch! What are the tech-specs like?

McLaren only says that the Speedtail comes with a petrol-electric hybrid producing 1,050hp in total and can dispatch the 0-300kph time in 12.8sec before calling it the day at 403kph.

The internal combustion engine is probably the brand’s 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 mated to seven-speed dual-clutch automatic. The P1 also used a hybrid albeit with a lower 916hp of power.

In comparison, the P1 was capable of cracking the 0-300kph acceleration time in 16.5sec. No 0-100kph time was disclosed for the Speedtail probably because it couldn’t better the P1’s 2.8sec record.

How much faster is it against the F1?

The F1 managed to hit a top speed of 389kph meaning that the Speedtail holds the new record for the brand. Back then, independent tests quoted a circa-3.5sec 0-100kph time for the F1.

McLaren says such a feat is attainable due to a slippery surface of the Speedtail aided by covers for the 20-inch front wheels, retractable parking cameras and active aerodynamics that can lower the car by 35mm.

To handle such monumental performance, the Speedtail is fitted with bespoke P Zero tyres from Pirelli. Due to a carbonfibre body, the Speedtail weighs 1,430kg.

McLaren says the Speedtail, which can be fully customised by owners, is the first of 18 new cars or derivatives to be made under the brand’s Track25 business plan.

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