Reelgood acquires Guidebox to move streaming TV information to some-more places

Reelgood, a startup aimed during assisting cord cutters find shows and cinema to watch on a services they concede to, has done an merger in a hopes of bringing Reelgood’s information to some-more places. The association has bought Guidebox, a streaming accessibility information provider that powers Roku, TVGuide, Metacritic and others.

Deal terms weren’t disclosed, though we know a cost was in a “multi millions.”

Guidebox began a life in 2012 as a consumer-facing website that brought together full uncover and part information in one place, afterwards forked we where we could watch – really many like today’s Reelgood, in fact. But over a years, it shifted a concentration to operative with publishers and device manufacturers. For example, it’s been good famous to be a use that powers Roku’s concept hunt feature.

It was many recently reported that Guidebox was sold to video information and recommendation startup ColorTV. However, Reelgood says that understanding never indeed happened – a proclamation of a merger was premature. (ColorTV now appears to be close down, as it turns out. We’ve attempted to strech them for confirmation.)

Reelgood says it motionless to buy Guidebox since it aims to be some-more than only a beam for streaming TV.

“Imagine seeking your Alexa, ‘Which of my shows has a new episode?’ or reading about a uncover online and, embedded within a article, saying where we can watch it,” a association explains in a proclamation about a deal. “For TV to ‘just work,’ we need to make it easier to get Reelgood’s information onto other products, too.”

The need for improved classification of streaming services’ calm is some-more vicious than ever in today’s cord slicing era, as consumers increasingly embankment their wire and satellite TV subscriptions to build their possess bundles of video services. The normal U.S. domicile now uses 4 opposite streaming apps, says Reelgood, and this merger will concede it to enhance a strech to over 50 million of those households.

The association says it will build on a existent Guidebox record to make it even easier for companies to assistance their possess users find streaming content. This information will be done accessible by an API.

That also means that Reelgood isn’t shutting down Guidebox or finale a existent business relations – it aims to enhance them, as good as pursue new business opportunities. It’s now in a routine of renegotiating some of Guidebox’s deals with incomparable TV and wire media-centric companies that yield use to some of a bigger networks, we understand.

Guidebox had been operative with calm providers like Lionsgate, a WWE and Fandor, Variety reported final year.

In terms of a Guidebox team, not all are fasten long-term. The executive group is on an earn-out plan, and will assistance to confederate a record with Reelgood and transition a customer relationships. A few employees operative on data  integrity and peculiarity declaration have been hired by Reelgood to assistance as it expands a product and service.

“No one wants to spend time sport by apps for a right show,” says David Sanderson, Reelgood owner and CEO, in a matter about a deal. “People design their inclination to assistance them confirm what to watch and where to watch it. Whether it’s a hunt engine, website, streaming media player, or voice assistant, this is an event for companies to get a knowledge right.”

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