R.I.P. FilmStruck, a best streaming use for classical films

Sad news for film fans: FilmStruck, the streaming use grown by Turner Classic Movies, is shutting down.

A summary on the FilmStruck website says it’s no longer usurpation new subscribers, with skeleton to close down on Nov 29. Meanwhile, The Hollywood Reporter suggests that this was an approaching pierce — now that it’s partial of ATT, WarnerMedia (which owns Turner) is planning to a launch a extensive streaming use subsequent year.

“While FilmStruck has a really constant fanbase, it stays mostly a niche service,” WarnerMedia pronounced in a statement. “We devise to take pivotal learnings from FilmStruck to assistance figure destiny business decisions in a direct-to-consumer space and route this investment behind into a common portfolios.”

In further to classical Hollywood films, FilmStruck was also famous for being a online home of a Criterion Collection, with a library of easy art-house and general films.

“Like many of you, we are unhappy by this decision,” Criterion says in a blog post. However, Criterion has worked with Hulu in a past, so it seems like could find another digital partner.

And indeed, a post says Criterion is “still committed to restoring and preserving a best of universe cinema and bringing it to we in any middle we can,” and it continues, “We’ll be perplexing to find ways we can move a library and strange calm behind to a digital space as shortly as possible.”

So it’s probable that most of this calm will eventually find a approach behind online. Still, a transition from DVDs to digital, and now to subscription streaming, has made many classical film titles unavailable.

FilmStruck was one of a few streaming services to quarrel that trend. It will be missed.

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