OnePlus commits to releasing a 5G phone in 2019

OnePlus has done a symbol with a totalled approach. The association has shied divided from big, adorned features, in preference of charity well-rounded, bill devices. That’s altered a bit over a past year.

Take a arriving 6T, that is rumored to be among a initial to competition an in-screen fingerprint reader — one of a initial times a record is set to be accessible in a U.S. Or a fact that cofounder Carl Pei recently promised to broach a 5G handset in 2019. Unlike other features, however, we can’t unequivocally credit 5G of being a peep in a vessel here. Though there’s copiousness of ramp adult time.

Sure, lots of companies have been articulate around a technology, and Motorola kind of, arrange of delivered something in a form of a Z3, that will offer a mobile record in a destiny around Mod. But OnePlus earnest to broach a full-on 5G sporting handset puts a association forward of a bend here.

There are still lots of questions — including how such record will impact that a handset’s bottom line. After all, a OnePlus 6 came with a $529 starting price, that has prolonged been a large partial of a company’s flourishing appeal.

Meantime, it’s got a new, non-5G phone rising subsequent week, only forward of a large product launch for another tech association a following day.

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