TrustYou Releases Comprehensive New eBook As A Hotel’s Complete Guide To Revenue-Generating Feedback Management

With over 10 years of experience in the hospitality sector, TrustYou caters to both chain and independent hotels and consistently provides insights into guest reviews, online reputation, and the best technologies used to manage them. The Ultimate Feedback Guide tackles the entire concept of guest feedback, from its true meaning to the different ways in which it presents itself in the modern age, and the value and impact that it has over a hotel business. It gives practical tips and advice on how to prevent negative feedback, how to motivate guests to submit more feedback and, ultimately, on how to increase bookings through comprehensive feedback management.

This eBook’s 3 chapters provide best practices on:

  • The value of guest feedback, including why are where are guests writing reviews and how they impact future bookings
  • The power to manage reviews, which focuses on the best ways of collecting, analyzing, and replying to feedback, in order to improve internal operations and increase the guest satisfaction rate
  • The possibilities of reputation, containing insightful ways in which non-branded hotels can use what makes them unique, leverage the right technology, and personalize the guest journey

    “One thing that all hospitality professionals agree on is the importance of a strong online reputation. At TrustYou, we are always looking to provide hoteliers with the best tools and resources to improve their performance and reputation. Our latest eBook encompasses all the knowledge hotel managers need about guest feedback, from its origins and different forms to its value, impact, and influence.” said TrustYou’s VP of Marketing, Valerie Castillo.

    The Ultimate Feedback Guide – Everything Hotels Need to Know to Make a Strong Impact is available for free download here.

    Find more information on TrustYou and the guest feedback platform on

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